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Our Story

Before we tell our story… let us see if it is relevant to you first! 🙂

If you answered Yes to any of the following questions… the following information is likely to be of great help to you!

Does any of the following describe you?

Do you know someone or have you experienced anxiety, depression or PTSD?

Do you know someone or have you been a victim of family violence?

Do you know someone or have you been a victim of sexual assault?

Do you know someone or have you been a victim of crimes of violence?

Do you know someone or have you been a victim of school/workplace bullying?

Are you a GP dedicated to helping clients?
Are you a psychologist with treatment resistant patients with complex case backgrounds and several restraining factors?
Are you a relationships counsellor with challenging clients?
Are you a social worker seeking productive collaborations?
Are you a lawyer dealing with family violence, juvenile cases, SOCIT cases, crimes of violence, divorce cases?
Are you working in the allied health field and wanting the best outcomes for your clients?

If you answer NO to any of the following questions, please help educate your community by sharing this website and connect with us!

Did you know that the average cost to assist ONE isolated, treatment resistant PTSD sufferer with complex issues and several restraining factors is approximately AUD$120,000 per annum  (yes, approximately one hundred and twenty thousand Australian dollars per annum) for an average of 5 years (minimum two years for many cases… some cases have required approximately 8 years or longer)… and if this is not addressed in time, can escalate (to suicides/murders/repeating the cycle of family violence) and have adverse consequences to the rest of the community?

Did you know that on average, any proper transformational program or trauma recovery program takes a minimum 2 years for someone to regain true independence and a true sense of self?

Did you know that a large majority of substance abusers/ sufferers of any addiction are actually self-medicating to stem the affects of severe PTSD from a past traumatic experience (or a series of traumatic experiences?

Did you know that the following people below who deal with those who suffer addictions, PTSD, chronic illnesses also suffer Secondary Trauma?

  • friends and family members,
  • education professionals
  • social workers
  • medical and allied health professionals,
  • forensics professionals (legal and law enforcement officers)

Do you know who cares for the carer?

Did you know that many programs who have worked well in the past have had their funding pulled from government agencies due to lack of understanding?

Did you know that due to the lack of proactiveness in marketing or the refusal to spend money on marketing… many good programs that have worked in the past to stop recidivism and relapses have had to close?


The Friends of CHI Initiative was born in 2017 to deal effectively with the above challenges in a sustainable and ethical way.

By seeding Social Enterprises to fund:

  • specialised trauma recovery programs for those who need (and want) it the most and can afford it the least, and
  • platforms for those seeking authentic connection with conscious collaborators towards caring, empowered, and resilient communities.

Our 2019-2020 FUNdraising efforts go towards:

  • producing our upcoming book, Seeking Spontaneous Re-Mission: Crisis prevention, management & liberation for your life, love and work.
  • training our practitioners to better serve the community.
  • developing our educational resources for practitioners and the community
  • developing our professional development programs for delivery to professionals.

Our 2020-2021 FUNdraising efforts go towards:

  • Making Trauma Recovery services more accessible to those seeking.
  • Long-Term Residential and home-based trauma recovery programs.


Connecting you to a tribe of conscious collaborators.

Yours in Service,
Anthony and Yeing Eaton

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